Material assistance

Are you looking for food, clothing or a place to put your belongings?

Since 14 March, many Ukrainian refugees have been able to go to Heysel Palace 8. The Immigration Office takes care of registration and Fedasil provides for reception. Refugees are finally getting an opportunity to rest.

Specifically, the Red Cross is now carrying out the following actions at Heysel Palace 8:

Here is a list of places where can you obtain material assistance:

› Distribution of food parcels
› Social restaurants
› Social grocery stores
› Solidarity fridges
› Vestiaires sociaux
› Social clothing outlets
› Lockers for the homeless
› Showers for the homeless
› Second hand furniture
› Material assistance for young children

If you have organised a collection of clothing, blankets, medicinal products and other food items, contact the Ukrainian Embassy in Brussels (02 379 21 25).